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10 Vital Online Marketing Tactics

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10 Vital Online Marketing Tactics

The online world is a relatively new territory to be colonised; it stretches beyond the horizon and no one knows its extent. The difference between this new virtual space and the traditional marketing space is that, in the digital domain, the one-person-band and the SMEs (small and medium enterprises) can claim a patch too. The virtual space that we use to communicate, conduct business, shop, seek entertainment and query information is rife with opportunity to promote your brand, and many of these opportunities are free.

What is Brand Visibility?

Brand visibility is exactly what it says on the tin: it is the exposure that market has to your brand. Your market needs to know the following:

  • That you exist
  • Why you exist
  • That you are better than your competitors

Online brand visibility is about building, not just your name, but also your presence. You need to be seen to be actively participating in, and contributing to, the online world. It’s not enough to have a website, sitting in virtual oblivion with no one visiting it. You need people to be able to find your website and engage with it. In other words, it needs to appear in search engine results pages when people search for certain key terms, and when they find your website, you need to give them a reason to stay. If you want to expand your business into the digital space, here are ten ways to boost your brand’s online visibility.

1. Build Authority

Establish an authoritative voice on the internet and be seen as an expert in your field. Share your knowledge; offer valuable tips and advice. The more you give, the more you will you get back in terms of followers.

2. Maintain An Active Social Media Presence

You absolutely need to get on board the social media bandwagon. The importance of social media is now cemented in to the minds of industry leaders. Social media is how people connect and show approval of content (e.g. by sharing it or ‘liking’ it). Profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are vital. Place social media buttons on your website so that people can share your content.

3. Use Social Bookmarking Sites

Similar to bookmarking a book to return to a certain page later, social bookmarking is the process of bookmarking a website to return to it later. By using a social bookmarking website such as Stumbleupon, Reddit or Digg, you can bookmark your content and share it with other people.

4. Register With Information And Review Sites

There are countless websites that allow users to compare, review and seek information about brands. Set up a profile on Yelp so that people can find your physical address. Set up a Yahoo Answers profile and use it to answer questions about your niche. If you have a restaurant, set it up on MenuPages and encourage your customers to write reviews.

5. Build An Attractive Website

You should have a functional, mobile-friendly website that is easy to navigate, consistent in its structure, and seamless to interact with, i.e. it’s quick to load images, fill out forms and carry out transactions. The website should be well-presented, i.e. the font size and font style is easy to read; there are no paragraphs longer than 6 rows; and subheadings are used to break up the page.

6. Optimise Your Website For Search Engines

Make sure your website is optimised to appear in search engines for specific keywords. This is known as (SEO) search engine optimisation. There are hundreds of ways to optimise a website, one of which involves strategically placing keywords in certain areas throughout your website.

7. Write Compelling On-Page Content

The recent Google algorithm update, Penguin 2.0, has confirmed what we already suspected: when it comes to content, quality is more important than quantity. Stale content will rot your search engine rankings so you should regularly upload fresh, new content to your website.

8. Upload Additional Content

The term ‘content’ does not only refer to blogs. You can upload content in the form of: videos, PDFs, press releases, white papers, user guides, podcasts, news features, infographics and presentations. Check out SlideShare for designing presentations.

9. Contribute Off-Page Content

Off-page content is any content that is not hosted on your own domain. The most popular form of off-page content is guest blogs. Write a blog for someone else’s website and try to get it published on a popular, high traffic website. Embed a link in the article pointing back to your website. The blog will make people aware of your brand and the link will contribute to the off-page SEO of your website.

10. Send Out A Newsletter

Give your website visitors the opportunity to subscribe to a monthly or weekly newsletter. Fill the newsletter with juicy, irresistible content!

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