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15 Ideas for Finding New Readers For Your Blog

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15 Ideas for Finding New Readers For Your Blog

Finding new readers for your blog – get this, if your blog is getting a ton of search engine traffic and hardly any traffic from any other sources then there is something definitely wrong, well I’d like to think so anyway. If your blog gets very few comments then there could also be something wrong.

Readers are worth so much more than just having a ton of empty search engine traffic and nothing else. Readers are the lifeblood of your blog I’m sure you would agree. Personally I would sooner have an active blog with about 10 or 15k visitors a month, than a blog with about 50k visitors a month with very few engaging activities, even though some may argue that a blog with 50k visits per month would make you a lot more money. What do you think?

Finding new readers for your blog

Every new blogger faces the challenge of trying to find new readers for their blogs.

If you are struggling to find new readers for your blog then there is no need for panic – here are 15 tips and ideas for you to try out when seeking new readers for your blog.

Ideas for Finding New Readers

  1. Comment on blogs related to your niche – Find blogs in similar niches as you and comment on them frequently, remember the more value you can add to a post through commenting the more readers you will attract.
  2. Write attention grabbing post titles – Make sure you grab the attention of your readers with compelling post titles.
  3. Guest blog on high authority blogs related to your niche – Make a list of some of the top blogs in your niche and start guest writing.
  4. Interview a blogger in a similar niche as you – Contact a credible blogger that is in a similar niche to you and offer to do an interview of them to post on your blog. This is by far one of the best ways to get a lot of new readers.
  5. Implement local SEO – Use local search engine optimisation techniques to attract new readers to your blog.
  6. Join blog sites – Register with blog sites like BlogEngage and Blockube.
  7. Optimise your RSS feed – Make your RSS icon big and bold, make sure visitors know what the RSS means on your blog.
  8. Get involved in offline marketing – perform offline marketing techniques for your blog, attract readers in your demographic area, publish one of your post in your local newspaper or printed newsletter.
  9. Put your best content out at all times – create quality content at all times (I know this should be at the top of the list).
  10. Create a shareable newsletter – for your email subscribers (Make it easy for your existing subscribers to share your email marketing newsletter with others i.e. social sharing buttons, forwarding feature, print shortcut etc).
  11. Pay close attention to on-page SEO.
  12. Register and engage in forums related to your niche.
  13. Build backlinks from high authority blogs – Get links from other niche related blogs
  14. Bookmark your posts – on Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Pinterest
  15. Build an offline mailing list

Do you have your own tips and suggestions for finding new readers for your blog? Share them below!

Chief strategist here at seo assassins.

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