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3 problems you must deal with when choosing keywords

Search engine marketing revolves around keywords, both for pay per click ( PPC ) and search engine optimisation campaigns. Internet users find websites ( and ads ) in the google search engine results pages when they use search terms to find what they are seeking. This is good for marketers, as it provides them with an opportunity to tap into this traffic by optimising their websites or advertising through the google adwords search network.
There are potential problems, though. There are three main issues that can prevent you from having success with the keywords you decide to target with your organic seo campaign ( we’ll stick to keyword selection for search engine optimisation, not PPC ).

Problem one – lack of search volume

This is a difficult one. The main problem here is a lack of accurate keyword search volume data. Even google’s own adwords keyword planner tool is often wildly inaccurate. Nevertheless, you can use it. Only use exact match data, divide by four and you should have something approaching accurate numbers.

Problem two – nobody wants to buy

Some keywords are commercial in nature, some aren’t. Make sure that you only optimise for ‘buyer keywords’. This is pretty easy, as common sense will tell you whether a search phrase is commercial or not. As a general rule, anything with ‘buy’ or ‘services’ in it is good to target. You can also check the adwords cost per click data to give you an indication. High value keywords naturally command higher prices.

Problem three – too much stiff competition

Some keywords are just too hard to rank for – it’s as simple as that. Avoid one or two word phrases in competitive markets like weight loss and car insurance unless your budget is considerable and you have an aged site. Ranking in a regional search engine, like google.ie, is easier, but you still need to pick your battles. A good search engine marketing agency may be required in order to assess your website and keyword competition levels accurately.
While there is much more to the search engine optimisation puzzle, if you, as a webmaster, can avoid falling victim to these three issues, you should have a much better chance of running a successful seo campaign that actually delivers rankings, traffic and conversions.

Chief strategist here at seo assassins.

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