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5 Surefire Tactics To Double Your Blog Traffic Fast

double your blog traffic

5 Surefire Tactics To Double Your Blog Traffic Fast

Are you tired of reading about blog traffic generation, and never getting it?

I know how you feel because I’ve been where you’re right now. I didn’t imagine that one day; my blog would start to attract qualified traffic, even when I work less than 8 hours weekly.

You need to understand that a blog that receives no traffic is bound to fail. You can quote me anywhere – it’s the reality. No matter the business model or niche you’re in, the only difference is how responsive your prospects are.

The truth is, increasing the traffic that comes to your blog doesn’t involve any magic bullet ( bullet, assassins – get it? Couldn’t resist! ). You’ll need to take it one step at a time, and I’m here to show you how, using 5 surefire tactics. Let’s go:

5 Awesome Tactics To Increase Your Blog Traffic Fast

1. Develop your voice

If you MUST drive targeted traffic to your blog this month, then it’s high time you stop copying others. There is no blogger that looks exactly like you in the blogosphere. Or is there?

This is what you must understand, because it can help you stand out from the crowd.

As a blogger, your unique voice is already within you. But the only way to put it to work is when you make up your mind to write from your heart.

You may have blogging mentors, which is a good step towards gaining traction online, but don’t ever try to be like your mentor. Copycats don’t go far in life. I’m sure you will agree with me?

Copying someone can be an obstacle to your blogging success. Your target audience is waiting for you to write, persuade, sell and communicate with them with your voice.

Once you can achieve that, your blog would start to get referral traffic from satisfied readers and customers as they promote you willingly. I know this works, because it’s working for me right now.

2. Build influence

How do you build your influence online as a blogger? It’s actually not an overnight adventure. You need to keep working at it. But the ultimate step is to recognize that your blog isn’t meant for everyone.

Each time you strive to attract the young and old, entrepreneurs and shoppers to your blog, you’d lose your voice and in the process, fall prey to serious competition.

Find who your blog is meant for. It’s your duty, and the earlier you accept this truth, the better for you.

Interestingly, I discovered way back that email list is the best form of influence you can have when running a blog.

Because you wouldn’t care what the latest Google update is after. All that matters to you is building relationship with your “tribe.”

Don’t wait for your ideal readers to locate your blog, go out there and influence them, using effective content marketing strategies. That’s what I do with my blog.

3. Write pillar content

There is a big difference between pillar content and other forms of content you would ever write.

Apart from being detailed, well-researched, valuable, evergreen and helpful, pillar blog posts are the foundation of any successful blog.

From the term “pillar” you should understand that it holds the building itself. If your blog doesn’t have pillar content, it’s never late to write them. Research 5 – 10 keywords that your blog is about. Spend quality time researching the topics. Then write epic resource for present and future visitors.

The sad news is that most bloggers are too lazy to produce pillar content.

4. Don’t guest blog blindly

Guest blogging is powerful – I’m confident enough to say this because this is what I do and most times, I do it for clients as well. The results have been amazing so far.

But one thing is certain, if you want real traffic to your blog, don’t guest blog blindly. In other words, if you don’t have a goal or clear plans to achieving them, don’t even pitch an idea to a blog owner.

Isn’t it funny that upcoming bloggers dabble into guest posting, only to realize the trap they’ve squeezed themselves into?

Every blogger MUST have an objective for blogging. For me, I don’t have issues with driving 1000 blog readers every day, because I don’t need that much to succeed.

If I can get 2 people interested in our content marketing services, I’d be happier than getting 200 blog readers who do nothing. Does it make sense to you?

When you guest blog, make sure you have realistic written plans in place, to avoid sending targeted readers to your homepage. Instead, send people to your landing page and get them unto your email list. It’s a wise decision and the long term rewards would outweigh instant traffic.

5. Target long-tail key terms

I feel so hungry right now, but before I go for lunch, let’s talk about long-tail key terms. Everyone and their dog want to rank for “make money online.” Because they want to make some quick bucks.

If you’re a beginner to this game and your blog is about digital marketing, please don’t even think about optimizing for that term. Your webpage would successfully get drowned and pushed to page 47 in search engines.

But do you realise that there is a smart way to attract a better organic traffic, and dominate your niche easily? Here’s a typical example:

I’m using a private keyword research tool and here is what I got, “earn extra income from the internet.” If you write a quality blog post for such a term, you’re likely going to rank on Google top 10 within 3 months – of course, with good links pointing to the content page from active sites.

Your job is to research other related long-tail key terms in your niche and target them. But don’t stuff or else you might incur the wrath of google.

Blog traffic recap

If you’ve the right traffic coming to your blog, and you monetize efficiently, then you’d start making money in no time. It’s a guarantee.

Don’t forget to make a professional design, because good designs and fast loading sites can motivate old and new readers to stick around and read more of your posts.

And if they could stay longer on your blog, the urge to buy your products would increase. Take action right now, and meet me at the top!

Chief strategist here at seo assassins.

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