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7 Effective Ways To Monetise Your Blog

7 ways to monetise your blog

7 Effective Ways To Monetise Your Blog

Are you trying too hard to monetise your blog?

Blog monetisation is something that every blogger thinks about doing at some stage or another. In fact it is the main reason why many people venture into blogging in the first instance!

Unfortunately, not everyone who starts blogging goes the full way in their blogging journey to be able to make money from blogging. In other words they give up before they’ve even tried.

So you are now getting some traffic and your page views are going up. You want to monetise your blog… how can you do this more effectively? What are the best methods for making money from your blog? Before we take a look, get this:

If your blog is relatively new and you don’t have much content, traffic or readers, my advice is to stay well away from plastering your site with AdSense ads and silly affiliate links. First concentrate on adding great content and building an audience, then think about ways to monetize your blog in a way that will satisfy your visitors.

7 Awesome Ways To Effectively Monetize Your Blog & Make Money in 2018

1. Build an Email List

Ask any blogger what’s the biggest mistake they’ve ever made in blogging, and I guarantee you they’ll answer – ‘not building a list’ will be on their list. Number one on my list is building an email list, that’s the first real step towards being able to monetise your blog more effectively in the future.

You can then use your list to announce and recommend products and services that you think your subscribers will find useful, as well as notify them of your latest product reviews on your blog.

2. Review Useful and Resourceful Products and Services

There are thousands of products and services that you can review and recommend on your blog. If you can’t think of any products and services you can start right with your web hosting provider. If you’re using them and you’re happy with their services, why not review and recommend them to your readers of your blog. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in either…

For each and every other premium product or service you find and use, do the same for those. Why not create a recommended products and services page and add a link to it in your blog’s main navigation menu.

3. Create Your Own Products

If you’re serious about making money from blogging then this is by far one of the best ways to monetize your blog, by creating your own products. Whether you start with creating your own eBook, build your own premium WordPress themes or plugins, or what ever else, try and add this to your ‘to do’ list – many top bloggers have been very successful with selling their own products on their blogs.

4. Sell Your Services

What can you do that you think you can sell as a service to others – copywriting, blog management, SEO services ( like us! ), wordpress consultation, installation and customisation, web design, graphic design services? Find something that you’re good at and consider selling it as a service to others on your blog.

5. Become an Amazon Associate

Amazon is one of the biggest and trusted ecommerce leaders in the industry. They offer affiliates up to 10% commission on advertising fees (referrals). Whether you run a golf blog or a fitness blog, there are thousands and thousands of products worth promoting from Amazon.

6. Private Ad Sales

Despite how the state of the economy has been, there are many businesses that are still willing to pay for private advertising on websites with high traffic. If you have a blog with decent traffic and with great social signals, consider setting up a private ads sales page on your blog.

7. Google AdSense

Finally bottom of my list is good old Google AdSense. Whilst I no longer believe that AdSense is one of the best methods to monetize your blog, you can still make some money from it, but for most it will be measly cents… Your success with AdSense depends greatly on how much search engine traffic your blog gets and where you are placing your ads. Also the type of niche you’re blogging in.

Well what can I say folks that’s my top 7 ways of effective blog monetisation for bloggers to consider in 2018. Let me know your thoughts, do you have any other methods you want to add to the list above? Leave me a comment below as always.

Chief strategist here at seo assassins.

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