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While link building is a major part of any SEO or online marketing campaign, there are always concerns of over-optimisation or tipping the balance between a natural or not so natural looking backlink profile. It has become evermore important since Google released their link goading penguin updates. So how do we get the most from our efforts and still keep it natural? Well the answer is variation in terms of anchor text, including synonyms. Link Building with...

SEO opportunities abound in their largest quantity online. It’s such a wild and untamed world out there; where people make money just by knowing which keyword or not is good and also going to bring in money too. But how exactly do the top gurus in our niche research about those hidden keywords that will bring in money when a blog is built around them? Which company’s search tool do they utilize? Well, it’s quite very simple. What...

SEO is one area of marketing that is never constant and is ever changing. Since there is no consistency in SEM ( search engine marketing ) strategies, it is important to know about the latest developments and to be informed about the strategies that have been outdated. Yes, we're talking about SEO myths. It is during this process of learning and getting rid of some strategies that we tend to learn about certain myths as well. When...

For some time now you’ll no doubt have noticed the tendency of some bloggers to remove the dates from their blog posts! What’s that all about? It is suggested that removing dates from blog posts can have many positive effects and advantages, here are some of the things people are claiming about it: 1. It prevents dates being shown by the side of your listings in SERPs (yes it does), which can help to encourage more traffic from search...

Bring out the best in your brand by telling a story about it. Consumers are being given information overload through all types of media, everywhere, anytime. Thus, most of us are likely to ignore these ads no matter how appealing they may be. This brought a harsh time for marketing strategists and they found a strategy that catered exactly to their needs. Using storytelling to reach your prospects has become a desirable activity for companies. Companies share their...