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There is absolutely no doubt that getting high quality backlinks to your website is becoming more and more difficult ( and risky! ). You have many options, but there is one that you may have overlooked - guest blogging. So why is guest blogging your friend right now? Let’s find out. In the early days of SEO and the google playground that was, bloggers and digital marketers were really left to rain anarchy upon the rest...

This post will provide you with a checklist for starting a blog. So you’ve finally made the decision to start your own blog - congratulations. So where do you start you’re probably wondering? Starting a blog for the first time is an exciting venture, but with the excitement also comes frustration, especially if you don’t know where to start or have very little knowledge about blogging itself ( also check out this post about the common...

What are the most common blogging mistakes? If we all were to make a list of the mistakes we follow as bloggers, we could easily fill an entire blog with these mistakes. Understandably, many bloggers keep learning and therefore have been able to fix their mistakes and keep moving forward. But even then, there are still numerous mistakes that even experienced bloggers make to this day. Often it is for the reason that they are not attuned...

Why should you consider breaking up posts Ever wondered how you could create more high quality content for your blog without having to search the web for the most talked about subjects, or spend half the day scratching your head for post ideas? How about breaking down posts? If you have a few long posts on your blog, ones that are over 1,000 words long ( this may not suit your target audience either ), which I’m betting...

What do you know about your target audience?  Building a successful blog that isn't boring and attracts a ton of targeted traffic is no easy achievement by any means. The key to building a successful community driven blog is by understanding your target audience. When I say understanding your audience I mean understanding the five Ws Who is coming to your blog? What are they looking for or reading or doing? Or what inspires and influences...