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Why should you increase referral traffic? - Google Panda and Google Penguin have no doubt hurt a lot of webmasters and bloggers, to say the least. Search engine optimisation will always be the number one preferred method of generating traffic, if done right, it can serve you well. But I’ve also been leaning towards paying a lot more attention to finding other methods of increasing traffic without Google. There are many ways to market a business online,...

Blogging really isn’t that hard, you just pick a topic you want to talk about, find a web host and install WordPress, or even better get a free blog with WordPress or Blogger or invest in a self hosted blog and start ranting about your favourite topic every day or other day… Easy stuff anyone can do it, absolutely anyone, it’s really no big deal. But! Not anyone can create a blog and bring something new, fresh and...

Still waiting for the perfect moment to start a blog? In this post you will discover why you should consider starting a blog that matters sooner than later… As you know, 2018 is here, so what are you going to do about it? Are you ready to take things to the next level? Many people are still continuing to wait for that perfect moment, waiting for the right time to come. My friend, there may never...

Let me ask you this. Do you feel like you are wasting time with your blog? The bad news is that chances are, you probably are. You write lots of posts for your blog, but you feel like your hard work is not being appreciated enough. It seems like few people read and actually like your stuff. Your social sharing buttons show low numbers, and some even have a big fat zero in them. To top it...

Google is secretive about its ranking algorithms. They are a complex mixture of over two hundred carefully weighted signals that contribute to deciding where on the search engine results pages a particular page appears. People don’t like complexity and secrecy, especially when their income depends on the information that’s hidden. They yearn for quick and simple solutions, and so naturally there arises a group who will sell them spurious peace of mind. In the search engine optimisation industry,...