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It comes a time for every serious blogger to begin accepting guest posts on their blogs. If you’re thinking about making your blog guest post friendly, this is a sure sign of steady progression in your blogging career. But how do you get started with accepting guest posts on your blog? In this post we’ll look at three ways in which you can successfully set up your blog for guest posting. What are the benefits of accepting...

In this post you’ll find out why these days I’m blogging less… once upon a time I was obsessed with the idea of blogging everyday, it is one of the many myths of blogging in fact, many bloggers that have been in the blogosphere for less than a year or so still believe that to succeed in any way, you should be writing a new post every day, sometimes even multiple posts per day. I don’t believe...

Finding new readers for your blog - get this, if your blog is getting a ton of search engine traffic and hardly any traffic from any other sources then there is something definitely wrong, well I’d like to think so anyway. If your blog gets very few comments then there could also be something wrong. Readers are worth so much more than just having a ton of empty search engine traffic and nothing else. Readers are the...

In this post you will be provided with tips and ideas on how to improve your blog's bounce rate - every blogger works hard to try and get more traffic and more readers to their blogs. Some people find it easy to increase traffic whilst others find it difficult. Realistically getting traffic isn’t all that hard, when you’re starting out you can quite competently write a dozen good posts and after a while you’ll get a...

Achieving top search engine rankings can open doors of opportunity for your business and increase your online visibility. However, many companies simply fail to take advantage of this extremely vital marketing tool, while others lack the technical skills and expertise necessary to obtain results from their online presence. One common mistake novice website owners make is to assume that they understand the process of choosing the right keywords to attract top search engine rankings; simply picking out...