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So you want more organic traffic? Find out how some of the processes behind top google rankings work. Google has become a force that influences just about every aspect of the internet, including the success of your business’s web site. First page search engine positioning can boost your web site’s traffic exponentially. If your rankings are going down, you will likely get a reduced the number of visitors who come to your site ( unless you are...

Pay per click optimisation can quickly boost your web site’s ranking on Google, Yahoo!, and other popular search engines, but it is important to focus on the types of PPC management techniques that provide the best results within your marketing budget’s constraints. Given an unlimited amount of money, your web site could score top rankings by relying on expensive pay per click ads. Obviously that’s not a very effective way to run a business, though. Instead, you...

Beautifully designed, well written, high functioning websites don't always perform well. It's unfortunate that some people don't get the results that they need even after they have devoted a lot of time and energy to building great websites. It's unfortunate, but that's reality. If your site is going to attract more traffic and generate more sales, then you also have to devote some of your resources to reaching a higher search engine ranking. This is where...

Recently, a prospective client contacted me to talk about how SEO could help him get top search engine placement for his business's website. Over the past several months, he had been trying to manage the site on his own. Unfortunately, he was unable to attract the kind of traffic that he needed. I wanted to know more about the methods that he had been using to reach top search engine placement with popular sites such as Google...

In order to get good rankings and have a generally successful experience with search engine optimisation, you'll need to do two things: Number one - make sure you are clear on the terminology, including the more obscure SEO terms. Number two - clarify your objectives and ensure that they are reasonable and realistic. With greater knowledge ( point 1 ), you'll get more clarity anyway. Having a good SEO company to help guide you is important too. This way,...