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Building A Solid Foundation For Your SEO Campaign

seo foundation

Building A Solid Foundation For Your SEO Campaign

A reliable search engine optimisation guide can help you get the basic information you need to understand the underpinnings of search engine optimization. There are a few tips that are easy for most online business persons to implement on their own. This is especially true if you are developing informative content for your website. Google loves quality content and this strategy is essential if you want to improve rankings and traffic to your website.

This is basically a quick search engine optimisation guide for non SEO experts – it will tell you what you need to know in order to have a solid foundation for your organic search optimisation campaign.


Keywords should be one of your top priorities when creating a web site. Search engines look for content on your site in order to understand what your site is all about. Also, you can’t rank for a keyword if you don’t have corresponding content on your site. If you are in the process of developing content, start by evaluating keywords that you believe are relevant. Make sure there is some relevant amount of search volume for that keyword before you spend the time developing content for it. You can use any number of high quality paid research tools for this process.

Indexing of your site:

If your relevant pages are not indexed on Google, you will not be able to rank for those pages. To make sure your site is properly indexed on Google do the following:

In Google’s search box search for: site:www.samplesite.com

You know you have an issue if you have 100 pages on your site, but only 20 are being indexed on Google.

Inbound Links:

Find out if your website has links pointing to it. You want other sites to link to yours in order to see search engine ranking improvement. Use a tool such as Ahrefs, Moz or Majestic SEO ( paid monthly tools – no affiliation ).

You can do the same using your competitor and find out where they are getting their links from.

This is just a brief search engine guide that can get you started on your own. The truth, however, is that it’s difficult for an individual to achieve high search engine rankings without help from SEO professionals. That’s because SEO is a labour intensive process and many strategies such as link building, proper on page SEO and content development need to be in place to make it all work.

Search Engine Optimising

Search engine optimising will help your site get more traffic. It’s important to recognize, however, that not all search engine rank optimisation professionals use the same strategies to improve your site’s ranking and turn traffic into paying customers.

Effective Search engine optimising strategies target relevant keywords that will help search engines locate and rank your website. Not all keywords, however, are relevant. Some companies claim that they can give you guaranteed results? Upon closer inspection, the search terms that they guarantee are keywords that very few people will ever actually use.

We understand that what allows you to pay for SEO services is our ability to generate revenue from our efforts. As such our goals are aligned.

At the outset of the campaign we implement a comprehensive keyword analysis of your website. This will give us the foundation for our entire SEO campaign since we now know which keywords are going to drive targeted traffic to your site.

Based on this information we will optimize your website, develop keyword rich content and develop inbound links to your site. As you website start getting first page rankings for those relevant keywords, you will start seeing your traffic and sales increase.

We don’t stop here. Once your site gets relevant traffic we work on improving the conversion of that traffic to further boost the effectiveness of your website.

It’s impossible to overestimate how important search engine rank optimisation is for today’s online businesses. Without a better search engine ranking, very few people will ever find your site. Even if you once had a good ranking that attracted plenty of business, your site will start to slip over time, especially if you are in a competitive industry. That is due to the fact that your competitors are trying to over rank your site in order to increase the amount of leads and sales they acquire from their website. In today’s environment, without regular search engine rank optimisation work, websites tend to drop in rankings over time.

SEO assassins can help solve this problem by delivering to our clients ongoing SEO services at that will achieve and maintain top rankings and traffic. When you get search engine rank optimisation services from us, we continually track your rank positioning to help ensure that we continue to deliver improvements and keep you on top of search engines results.

Search Engine Rank Optimisation consists of the following:

On Page SEO
1 Front End Usability
2.Identifying Search Engine Issues
3.Developing Keyword Rich Content
4.Checking for Duplicate Content
5.SEO Friendly URL Verification
6.Title Tag Optimization
7.Meta Tags Optimization
8.Site Maps Development
9.Robot.txt file Creation
11.Internal Linking
12.Page Load Time Optimisation
13.Image Optimisation
14.Development of keyword rich content

Off Page SEO
1.Directory Submissions
2.Article Syndication
3.Blog Commenting
4.Paid Blogging
5.Press Release Marketing
6.Social Bookmarks
7.One Way Linking
8 Link Outreach
9.Link Bait
10 Web 2.0 pages

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in an SEO campaign for your site. We will evaluate your situation and propose effective SEO strategies that improve search engine rankings.

Chief strategist here at seo assassins.

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