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Link Building

While link building is a major part of any SEO or online marketing campaign, there are always concerns of over-optimisation or tipping the balance between a natural or not so natural looking backlink profile. It has become evermore important since Google released their link goading penguin updates. So how do we get the most from our efforts and still keep it natural? Well the answer is variation in terms of anchor text, including synonyms. Link Building with...

In this brief post, we'll take a look at some off-the-page factors that can affect your SEO juice. Off Page Factors There are some things that can affect your website that actually happen off the page. These are links, social and personal. Links DOs: Quality - Links pointing towards your website should be from trusted sites, rather than spammy ones. This gives your website more SEO weight as even trusted reliable sites see your pages as having relevant information. Anchor...

As you probably already know, there are two primary parts of search engine optimisation – on page seo and off page seo. Backlinks directed from other people’s websites to your key web pages can have a tremendous impact of your website’s search engine positioning. The terms ‘off page optimisation’ and ‘link building’ are therefore often used interchangeably. Yes, links are extremely powerful in terms of seo. In this post, we’ll look at the fundamental elements of link building...