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Does Your Website Tick All The Right Off Page Boxes?

off page seo checklist

Does Your Website Tick All The Right Off Page Boxes?

In this brief post, we’ll take a look at some off-the-page factors that can affect your SEO juice.

Off Page Factors

There are some things that can affect your website that actually happen off the page. These are links, social and personal.


  • Quality – Links pointing towards your website should be from trusted sites, rather than spammy ones. This gives your website more SEO weight as even trusted reliable sites see your pages as having relevant information.
  • Anchor Text – Links pointing towards your website should use keywords that are relevant to the page that it’s pointing towards.
  • Number – The more links pointing towards your site, the better. Be sure that these are from good quality sites, however, as links from spammy sites will cause you to get penalised.


  • Paid Links – Paying for links to point to your site in order to make it rank better is a very bad, black-hat SEO technique.
  • Spam – Have you tried to create links by spamming blogs, websites or forums with your website/content?



  • Reputation – Do respected pages on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus share your content?
  • Shares – Do your posts have many shares from other people?



  • Country – If you are targeting a specific country, it helps if people from that country share your posts and visit your site.
  • Locality – Similar to above, if you are targeting a specific city or area, shares from that area will carry more weight.
  • History – Do the same people regularly visit your site? This can be a sign that you continually have fresh, updated content


Have friends socially shared and favoured the site?

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