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Dude, Where’s My Traffic?

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Dude, Where’s My Traffic?

That’s right, never mind ‘dude, where’s my car’, the important question with search engine marketing is ‘dude, where’s my traffic’? OK, this sounds pretty obvious ( you rank, you get traffic, you don’t rank, you don’t get traffic – right? ), but there is more to this than meets the eye.

The problem is this: most people involved in SEO mistakenly believe that first page rankings automatically equal traffic. Wrong!

Before I explain why, let’s get the obvious part out of the way first – if you aren’t on page one, you’re unlikely to get very much traffic. No surprises there, granted.

But there is another aspect of this whole ranking thing that people miss – you’ll only get traffic if there is search volume for the keywords that you are targeting! You could rank really well, but if it is for the wrong keywords, you’ll get virtually zero traffic.

The bad news is that there are loads and loads of keywords that have practically zero search volume. Yes, that’s right, I said zero search volume – seriously.

The really bad news is that keywords with basically no search volume vastly outnumber the keywords that have significant volume. The really, really bad news is that the situation is even worse in a regional search engine like google.ie.

And the worst news of all – there is no really reliable data on keyword search volume publicly available. The google keyword planner tool? Forget it – it’s nowhere even close to being accurate and never has been. The E numbers on the label of your baked beans would be more dependable.

Depressed yet? You really shouldn’t be. This information will actually save you a lot of grief if you use it wisely. Here’s the good part – the solution to this dire situation is right in front of you. There are two ways to accurately gauge the number of searches a given keyword phrase has:

Option number 1 – PPC testing. Get your keyword list together and run some ads, carefully monitoring impressions and clicks ( make sure your bids are high, though, otherwise you may not get traffic due to being a skinflint – ouch! ).

Option number 2 – Employ an SEO agency that has access to their own private historical search data in your market. While you’ve possibly heard of option 1, this one is probably new to you. It is arguably the best of all, though, as it a) doesn’t require you to spend money on pay per click test campaigns ( jay! ) and b) it will provide all the answers you need with regard to, not only how much traffic a given keyword has, but also how likely it is to be commercially viable.

At this point in time, you are more than likely wondering who would have access to this kind of real world data? A group of performance marketers with a history of creating and ranking their own lead generation properties in a number of mainstream markets – maybe even yours. Dare I say, kinda like SEO assassins?

Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of engaging a run of the mill SEO company that selects keywords based on the google keyword planner’s data. Or even worse, one that picks the keywords that look easiest to rank for.

Don’t forget, a keyword phrase with no searches won’t get you any traffic, even if you are in the top spot in google.
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Chief strategist here at seo assassins.

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