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Focus Relentlessly On SEO For Top Google Rankings

Focus on SEO

Focus Relentlessly On SEO For Top Google Rankings

When developing SEO assassins as a brand, our objective was to keep a very tight focus and offer only search engine optimisation services. Our SEO specialists work only on our SEO projects, we don’t mix and match. While we are capable of providing excellent results via other marketing channels, we have chosen to keep focused on SEO services so as to simplify the process and boost results for our clients.

Via this specialist website, we provide the following services to approved clients only:

  • Keyword research, selection, and analysis.

Keywords are as important for your SEO campaign as fuel is to your car – you need to do exhaustive keyword research at the outset, that is, before you do any actual optimisation or link development.

We have advanced techniques and software for analysing and selecting the best phrases to develop your SEO campaign around. We work on a per hour basis €120 per hour.

  • On page optimisation and SEO copywriting.

As the next part of the process, your keywords most by integrated into your webpages. Our approach to this is very different to other SEO specialists. Our experts can find the ideal middle ground between over-optimisation, and lack of keyword relevance in a creative fashion that also keeps your visitors on your site for longer.

Our copywriters are the best in Ireland, so you’ll get content that is more persuasive to your visitors, as well as more search engine friendly.

Again, on page SEO is subject to approval, and is only offered to clients who have received keyword research services from SEO assassins. €197 per page, including SEO copywriting.

  • Link development and social media.

Links are still a powerful way of improving your search engine rankings, even in google. These days, however, links must be built skillfully and organically to avoid incurring an over-optimisation penalty. Very few SEO agencies understand what works now.

Happily, our team members are on top of it. We can develop links in an extremely low risk fashion, and boost your rankings relatively safely.

Social media signals, such as facebook likes and twitter tweets, are likewise an important part of off page optimisation nowadays. Care is needed, though, as paying for social media site ‘likes’ can be dangerous. Contrary to what many SEO specialists believe, unnatural social mentions can lead to a penalty.

The process needs to look natural and organic. Our experts have a system for attracting positive social signals – naturally!

In reality, it is important to diversify your traffic streams and embrace a multi-channel marketing strategy. We are all for this approach. You have to start somewhere, though, and this is where SEO comes in. When your search engine optimisation campaign is up and running and going strong, then, and only then, should you consider adding other traffic sources to the mix.

This can be an exception to this: if you have a larger monthly marketing budget ( €5000 – €10000 in addition to your SEO budget ), you could consider a multi-channel advertising and marketing campaign right out of the gate. Feel free to contact us for personalized advice.

Chief strategist here at seo assassins.

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