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How Much Do You Need To Know About Search Engine Optimisation?

how much do you need to know about seo?

How Much Do You Need To Know About Search Engine Optimisation?

With the ever rising popularity of the internet as a marketing tool, we feel that it is very important to educate the marketplace with regard to organic search engine optimisation.

There is no doubt that SEO is a very effective means of website promotion. To launch a corporate website that hasn’t been properly search engine optimised is a mistake that is all too common in the Irish marketplace, and beyond. Search engine optimisation is complex and mysterious to the regular business owner, however. We aim to help change that.

It is our aim to help raise awareness of the advantages of a well optimised and effectively promoted website. In the posts on this website, we will focus less on the technical aspects of website design and development, which we feel is outside of our main area of expertise, and more on the art of SEO ( search engine optimisation ) itself.

We hope to help our readers to understand the fundamentals of keyword research, search engine friendly content creation and article writing, on page SEO, and link building.

If you plan on investing in organic SEO, we believe that it is imperative for you to gain a broader understanding of the fundamental workings of the major search engines, google, Bing and Yahoo and what they like to see in a website. You will find that we mostly write about google, as it is the most popular search engine by some margin.

There is information here that you can take and use right now today to improve the visibility of your website – please don’t hesitate to use some of the tips we recommend to you. We only endorse whitehat seo techniques, and all strategies discussed will be effective at the time of publication.

However, things can change suddenly within the search engines, and we aim to provide up to the minute information as much as possible, through ongoing research and some personal testing.

The question that may be on your mind, though, is this: does someone who is planning on outsourcing their search engine optimisation campaign really need to know how SEO works? Up to a point, the answer is yes. You do not need to know as much as we do, but it is useful to know about how the whole process works and how long it takes.

With a solid grasp of the basics, you’ll understand why your rankings sometimes go up and down and why you may not have been getting as much traffic as you would have liked from a previous SEO campaign.

A blog like ours will give you this basic knowledge and equip with the information you need to make a wise choice when it comes to the company that will be handing your search engine marketing.

You do not want to get ripped off by a shoddy SEO consultancy, so take some responsibility to learn enough about search engine optimisation to be able to make the distinction between a good and bad company. You won’t regret it.

Chief strategist here at seo assassins.

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