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How To Create Your Google Plus Page

google plus for your business

How To Create Your Google Plus Page

Unless you are a social media junkie, you probably don’t want another social media profile to manage. However, the benefits that a Google+ presence has for marketing and SEO are just too good to resist. Any business that cares about the visibility of their digital presence will want a Google+ profile. Here are the reasons why you need to sign both yourself and your business up to this rising social network.

It’s A Powerful Marketing Tool

The reason Google+ has become so relevant is because it is more of a marketing tool, rather than a place for sharing photographs of sleeping kittens ( although it is good for that too! ). It is still a social network, but it is one that offers powerful opportunities for brand awareness via SEO (search engine optimisation). Google is the most popular search engine in Ireland, so it only makes sense for Irish businesses to have a Google+ profile and business page.

It Works

So how does it work? Content (such as a blog entry) that is published on Google+ receives engagement in the form of comments, shares and ‘+1s’ (similar to Facebook ‘likes’). This engagement tells Google how popular the content is, which in turn helps them to judge where that content should rank in the search engine results page. In other words, posts and profiles that are popular on Google+ will be given preference on the search engine results page.

It’s Familiar

The format of Google+ is a bit like Facebook in so far that: each member has a profile which is used to upload, comment on and share updates; you can see everyone else’s posts on the ‘home page’; you can write ‘posts’ (similar to Facebook status updates); you can add other members to your ‘circles’ (similar to adding people to your Facebook friends list); you can express interest or approval by clicking ‘+1’ (similar to clicking ‘Like’ on Facebook).

It Has Unique Features


The ‘Hangout’ feature allows a group of up to ten people to have a virtual meeting through video chat. You can share your screen to do live demonstrations. You can also stream your hangout live for other people to watch.


Facebook is for connecting with friends and LinkedIn is for connecting with colleagues, but Google+ is for connecting with everyone. You can keep your posts private by segregating your ‘friends’ into different groups called ‘circles’ and then posting different updates to different circles.


Google indexes (i.e. scans and records) your content on Google+ but it does not index content on Facebook or Twitter. A few weeks ago I wrote an article about how to optimise your LinkedIn Company Page and shared it on my Google+ profile. If you Google ‘optimise LinkedIn’ my article appears on page one, position one. This is because Google have indexed this article and noticed that it received engagement via Google+.

Facebook and Twitter might be the current leaders in the social media world, with LinkedIn and Pinterest coming in close behind them, but more and more people are realising how influential Google+ can be, so it’s well past the time to jump on the bandwagon.

Chief strategist here at seo assassins.

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