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How You Are Wasting Time With Your Blog

stop wasting your time blogging

How You Are Wasting Time With Your Blog

Let me ask you this. Do you feel like you are wasting time with your blog? The bad news is that chances are, you probably are.

You write lots of posts for your blog, but you feel like your hard work is not being appreciated enough. It seems like few people read and actually like your stuff. Your social sharing buttons show low numbers, and some even have a big fat zero in them. To top it all off, many of the articles you write receive few or even no comments… bad times huh?

This situation sucks and can’t go on any more…

The good news is that you can solve this problem quite easily and here’s how – You are simply focusing on the wrong things, I’ve been there too. With hard work I pushed my first blog to a reasonably good level. When I started my second blog, I had less time to dedicate to my first blog, so I decreased the number of posts that I published there (1st blog).

Do you want to know the interesting part?

Is high Post frequency a waste of time?

My traffic kept growing even with the decreased post frequency.

Wow! This was great news.

I wanted to test this further, so I stopped posting articles for a good few weeks.

The results were even more interesting, my traffic kept growing even during this time. The traffic was not affected by the drop in posting frequency. I actually proved to myself that posting too much can be a waste of time, resources and energy.

Most bloggers focus too much on publishing lots of posts because they think or believe it will increase their blog traffic and income. To a degree that is true, it can… but as you read from my story, traffic ( and income ) is not always affected by posting frequency (or at least, the effects are really small).

The problem with the high posting frequency is that you have less time for carrying out more important tasks in your blog. If you have other commitments also such as work, family, your time spent on your blog is even more precious.

When you don’t yet have a big audience you should focus on building it. If you spend all your time writing lots of posts, you won’t have much time to spend building your audience.

Drop the Post Frequency – Focus on Content Quality – Build Your Audience First

So the solution to your problem is simple: first focus on building your audience.

You can follow these 3 effective steps to get you pointing into the right direction:

1) Publish fewer articles on your blog but improve quality – The articles you publish have to be of greater quality. Quality posts gets shared more often and engage better with the people who read them. So, focus on quality instead of quantity…

2) Promote your posts more – Spend more time getting people to read your stuff. You have lots of ways to do this:

  • Share more with your social network connections.
  • Join forums that may be interested in your work (promote, but don’t spam!).
  • Join Facebook group pages and share your content there
  • Link with other people who can help you to promote your posts.
  • Get on Scoop.it and suggest content to other related topics
  • Share your content to your email list

3) Write more guest posts – Guest posting is renowned for being a great way to boost your traffic, so if you’re not involved, start now. And if you’re already guest posting, guest post some more.

Schedule your Content Promotion Strategy

Now that you know what you can do to solve your problem, you can schedule these tasks to fit in with your routine.

Use the time you once dedicated to writing and publishing too many posts, for working on the audience building and post promotional tasks.

For example you might want to write a post every ten or so days, but make it absolutely awesome, make it more valuable than gold dust to your readers. Promote it through social networks; ask your friends to promote it and so on…

So what’s your plan?

Now that you know to drop your post frequency and to build your audience and focus on quality, let me know what your plan of action is. How would you use your time more effectively to promote your posts? I’m interested to hear your thoughts and opinions, leave me a comment below

Chief strategist here at seo assassins.

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