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Is Social Bookmarking Still Relevant?

bookmarking for seo

Is Social Bookmarking Still Relevant?

Does social bookmarking still have a place in your SEO campaign? Why, yes! Let’s take a closer look at this tried and true method of boosting your referral traffic and improving the authority of your website.

A traditional bookmark is used to mark a page in a book so that you can easily return to it at a later stage. Online bookmarking works in a similar way; it is the practice of saving the URL of a website you wish to visit in the future. The URL can be recorded either through your browser, or through a social bookmarking site.

How Does Social Bookmarking Work?

Social bookmarking is the process of registering your bookmarks with a dedicated bookmarking website. In other words, you are sharing your bookmarks with other users on the social bookmarking website. These users can then vote on your bookmark to show their approval/disapproval. If your bookmark gets a lot of positive engagement it will reach a wider audience.

Using Social Bookmarking For SEO

Social bookmarking is useful as an SEO tool because:

It creates a backlink to your website
It can generate traffic to your website
Social bookmarking content gets indexed (i.e. it appears in search engine results)
Social bookmarking has other benefits such as: it’s free; you can access your bookmarks from any computer; and you can tag bookmarks so that other users can find them using keywords. The downsides of social bookmarking are that it is time-consuming and it is highly competitive.

What Social Bookmarking Websites Should You Use?

There are countless social bookmarking websites available but the most popular ones are:

Stumbleupon: http://www.stumbleupon.com/
Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/
Digg: http://digg.com/
Delicious: http://delicious.com/
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/
Tips For Submitting Bookmarks

Only 10% of your bookmarks should link to your own website. The rest should be from other sources. If you keep submitting self-interested links ( even if they are no follow ) you will be flagged as a spammer trying to get backlinks. Submit any links, articles, quotes, photos etc. that are worth sharing. In other words, share content that is interesting, funny or educational. This will help you to build your brand as a reputable source of good content.
Spend time reading and commenting on other people’s bookmarks so that you are seen as a genuine user of the website.

Two things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t submit links to social bookmarking websites that have very low domain authority.
  • Avoid automated Social Bookmarking Tools

There is some debate regarding the use of automated social bookmarking tools. Automated tools make it easier to submit bookmarks to multiple social bookmarking websites. Using them saves a significant amount of time compared to manually submitting bookmarks. However these tools are limited in so far that they do not always allow you to choose a category or a tag for your submission and sometimes they submit your bookmark to pages with a low domain authority, which can negatively affect your rankings.

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