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Just Say No To Bolt On SEO Services!

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Just Say No To Bolt On SEO Services!

A quick description of SEO ( read our full starters SEO guide here ) SEO is absolutely necessary if you require high rankings in the natural search results of the world’s biggest search engines, google, yahoo and bing.

With first page rankings for industry keywords that describe your business and products, you can get more leads and sales. The good things about natural search engine traffic are that it is free ( apart from what you pay your SEO agency, that is ), and the rankings can often last long after you’ve finished paying for your SEO campaign.

Your return on investment can therefore continue to rise month on month for no additional outlay, unlike many other forms of marketing. Good search engine optimisation consists of keyword selection, on page optimsation, and backlink development.

The Irish SEO Marketplace

The search engine optimisation market in Ireland is fragmented and largely anti-procedural. It is largely dominated by independent consultants, most of whom operate their SEO businesses on a part time basis.

Needless to say, this is less than ideal for the businessperson who wants to see results from a committed team of full time search engine optimisation specialists.

The larger companies that offer search engine optimisation services in Ireland tend to come from a web development, coding or software background. Pricing can be high with these companies, and even though they appear to have a high level of expertise, they often lack skill in key areas, such as organic link building and SEO copywriting.

Should You Hire Us?

Before you pay anyone for SEO, you need to be certain that they are a specialist. Someone who designs websites is likely not also an SEO expert.

SEO assassins are different – we specialise in every aspect of SEO, have a robust team of full time SEO experts, and offer pricing that is more competitive than other large search engine marketing agencies and franchises.

One of our main talents is our ability to use our knowledge of direct response marketing and copywriting to make your site more appealing to your visitors and to search engines that now take bounce rates and average time on site statistics into account when deciding where to rank your site.

Our specialists are available via e-mail, telephone and live chat to give you honest, clear cut advice. We deliver results as our techniques and strategies are based on the latest research. Our results in 2018 are as strong as ever, due to the fact that we have some of the most diligent and energetic SEO experts in the world on board.

Our approach to our clients Nobody involved with SEO assassins cuts corners or takes risks with your website, and we insist that no other SEO work is carried out by our clients as this may compromise your site’s rankings. Please note, we perform a backlink analysis of every site we work on – in advance.

Our SEO services are subject to approval, and we will not work on any site that has existing backlinks of poor quality.

Chief strategist here at seo assassins.

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