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Recently, a prospective client contacted me to talk about how SEO could help him get top search engine placement for his business's website. Over the past several months, he had been trying to manage the site on his own. Unfortunately, he was unable to attract the kind of traffic that he needed. I wanted to know more about the methods that he had been using to reach top search engine placement with popular sites such as Google...

With the ever rising popularity of the internet as a marketing tool, we feel that it is very important to educate the marketplace with regard to organic search engine optimisation. There is no doubt that SEO is a very effective means of website promotion. To launch a corporate website that hasn't been properly search engine optimised is a mistake that is all too common in the Irish marketplace, and beyond. Search engine optimisation is complex and mysterious...

A quick description of SEO ( read our full starters SEO guide here ) SEO is absolutely necessary if you require high rankings in the natural search results of the world's biggest search engines, google, yahoo and bing. With first page rankings for industry keywords that describe your business and products, you can get more leads and sales. The good things about natural search engine traffic are that it is free ( apart from what you pay...