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Why should you increase referral traffic? - Google Panda and Google Penguin have no doubt hurt a lot of webmasters and bloggers, to say the least. Search engine optimisation will always be the number one preferred method of generating traffic, if done right, it can serve you well. But I’ve also been leaning towards paying a lot more attention to finding other methods of increasing traffic without Google. There are many ways to market a business online,...

A social media marketer is a somewhat new career path. After all, it was not until the early 2000s that social media even existed. For this reason, there is still much ambiguity and confusion over what a social media marketer does on a day-to-day basis. Students interested in starting a career as a social media marketer or professionals wishing to switch careers will be interested to know the precise duties and tasks that social media...

Unless you are a social media junkie, you probably don’t want another social media profile to manage. However, the benefits that a Google+ presence has for marketing and SEO are just too good to resist. Any business that cares about the visibility of their digital presence will want a Google+ profile. Here are the reasons why you need to sign both yourself and your business up to this rising social network. It’s A Powerful Marketing Tool The reason...