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Warning: This keyword research related blog post is boring and the information contained herein could result in a higher risk of the following: Saving more time Losing less money Making more profit Search engine optimisation revolves around keywords. The visitors that arrive at your website via a search engine like google.ie will have typed in a specific search phrase to get there. It is possible, even likely, that you will rank for keyword phrases that you haven't...

Keywords are still the primary focus of every successful search engine optimisation campaign. While a modern approach can be to zone in on topics with regard to on site optimisation, rather than keywords ( a great idea, by the way ), keywords will still play a crucial role in your off page seo. Having relevant keywords in the anchor text of some of your incoming links is critical to ranking well in google’s search results pages. We...

Regardless of what some of the self styled seo gurus have to say, search engine optimisation revolves around keywords. You optimise your website with specific keywords and topics ( with keyword sets ) by writing articles, titles and descriptions that are relevant. Your off page strategies will likewise involve creating content based around keywords or keyword sets ( topics ) and building at least a percentage of keyword rich anchor text backlinks. You’ll get traffic when you...