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While link building is a major part of any SEO or online marketing campaign, there are always concerns of over-optimisation or tipping the balance between a natural or not so natural looking backlink profile. It has become evermore important since Google released their link goading penguin updates. So how do we get the most from our efforts and still keep it natural? Well the answer is variation in terms of anchor text, including synonyms. Link Building with...

What are the most common blogging mistakes? If we all were to make a list of the mistakes we follow as bloggers, we could easily fill an entire blog with these mistakes. Understandably, many bloggers keep learning and therefore have been able to fix their mistakes and keep moving forward. But even then, there are still numerous mistakes that even experienced bloggers make to this day. Often it is for the reason that they are not attuned...

'How to SEO' are three little words that are typed into Google more than nine million times every month. The popularity of this search term shows me that more and more people are realising both the importance, and the potential, of optimising their websites for search engines. SEO is a powerful digital marketing technique that allows you to increase your website’s ranking in the search engine results page. There are over two hundred ways to apply SEO...

Websites sometimes partake in black-hat SEO techniques, be it through keyword stuffing, cloaking or any number of unacceptable SEO practices.  Paying for links is contrary to Google's SEO terms, as it is deemed to give the website undeserved SEO juice, when they’re really not offering any valuable or worthwhile information to anyone.  However, suppose your article had rich, informative material but with a lot of links pointing to other websites which only back up your information? ...

When developing SEO assassins as a brand, our objective was to keep a very tight focus and offer only search engine optimisation services. Our SEO specialists work only on our SEO projects, we don't mix and match. While we are capable of providing excellent results via other marketing channels, we have chosen to keep focused on SEO services so as to simplify the process and boost results for our clients. Via this specialist website, we provide the...