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SEO is all about keywords because keywords are one of the main factors that Google considers when deciding where to rank your website on the search results page. Your keywords must feature enough times (but not excessively) and be placed in a prominent position (e.g. in headings) to make your website get noticed. Keywords play a major role in getting your website to page one so here is what you need to consider when choosing yours: What...

There is a common teaching among seo training experts and consultants that unless your site is ranked number one in the search engine results pages you won’t get much of the available traffic. It is claimed that the number one site for a given keyword phrase gets 40% of the traffic, with the number ten only getting about 10% of that. While we are not going to argue with the fact that the top ranked page often...

Search engine marketing revolves around keywords, both for pay per click ( PPC ) and search engine optimisation campaigns. Internet users find websites ( and ads ) in the google search engine results pages when they use search terms to find what they are seeking. This is good for marketers, as it provides them with an opportunity to tap into this traffic by optimising their websites or advertising through the google adwords search network. There are potential...