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SEO is one area of marketing that is never constant and is ever changing. Since there is no consistency in SEM ( search engine marketing ) strategies, it is important to know about the latest developments and to be informed about the strategies that have been outdated. Yes, we're talking about SEO myths. It is during this process of learning and getting rid of some strategies that we tend to learn about certain myths as well. When...

Echoing off the walls of many SEO Companies is a long list of abbreviated buzzwords. PPC, KPI, SERP: for anyone unfamiliar with this industry lingo, an digital marketing office would seem like a baffling place to be. No, we are not practicing a rearranged alphabet; we are talking business. Inspired by our daily vocabulary, I decided to write an article explaining our industry jargon. Here’s the low down on the meaning of the search engine optimisation industry’s...