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That's right, never mind 'dude, where's my car', the important question with search engine marketing is 'dude, where's my traffic'? OK, this sounds pretty obvious ( you rank, you get traffic, you don't rank, you don't get traffic – right? ), but there is more to this than meets the eye. The problem is this: most people involved in SEO mistakenly believe that first page rankings automatically equal traffic. Wrong! Before I explain why, let's get the obvious...

There are many differences between good and not so good search engine optimisation agencies. The main difference, we believe, is the devastating combination of knowledge and intuition that elite practitioners have - mediocre agencies simply cannot compete. SEO assassins focuses exclusively on SEO and we are good at it. Unlike normal search engine optimisation agencies, every member of the our team is an experienced, hard working, knowledgeable and intuitive specialist in SEO. We have built up a...