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The Basic Set Up Of Google Analytics

google analytics

The Basic Set Up Of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is widely regarded as being one of the world’s most powerful tools for tracking, recording and analysing web traffic. It enables you to get non personally identifiable information about your website’s users. This includes the number of visitors and unique visits you are getting, what pages are the most popular and, crucially for your search engine optimisation campaign, what keywords users are typing in to find you. You can ask your SEO Company to set it up Google Analytics for you or alternatively you can do it yourself by following these steps:

Step 1: Sign Up

Go to the Google Analytics Homepage. If you are already signed up for one of Google’s services (Gmail, G+, Adwords etc) just click ‘Sign in’ on the top right corner of the screen. Otherwise click ‘Create an account’ and follow the setup instructions.

Step 2: Add Your Property

When your account is set up, you must add your ‘property’ (e.g. a website, an app or a blog). The way you configure your account will determine how data is displayed to you. When you are specifying your account properties and preferences, consult the Analytics structure guide.

Step 3: Add Your Tracking Code

You can set up your tracking code via the admin panel of your Analytics account. The google analytics tracking code ( GATC ) is a snippet of JavaScript code that runs in the client browser when someone browses a page. It sends data about the visitor to the Google server. It is also known as a ‘page tag’ and it must be inserted on to every page that you want tracked.


To become a proficient user of Google Analytics you can do the free Google Analytics tutorials. You can then do a test to become a certified Google Analytics user. The certification that you will receive is called the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAQI). This is not necessary, though, if you are not a professional digital marketer.

A company or organisation can also become a certified Google Analytics partner. To be accredited as an authorised Google Analytics partner, your company must meet a number of strict requirements. When your company receives certification, you can then display the certified partner badge on your website. This is only really a good idea if you are an agency that plans to specialise in web analytics.

Click here to learn more information about the features of Google Analytics. Basic knowledge of google analytics is certainly recommended, even for non professionals who employ their own agencies.

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