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What is google rankbrain?

Google has gone public with a new search engine algorithm technology that they like to call ‘rankbrain’. It employs machine learning algorithms and aims to utilize artificial intelligence to improve the search engine experience for end users.

Basically, it has been designed to provide search results more akin to an answer that a human being would give than a conventional search engine listing. For example, you could type in the following question:

What age is Angelina Jolie?” And you’d get the answer: “Angelina Jolie is 40 years old, born in 1975”.. etc etc.

You get the picture. You are probably more interested in how this will affect your seo strategy, though.
You could ask rankbrain, but we’d recommend a human being over a computer any day when it comes to getting intelligent answers to your questions.

Our answer? It shouldn’t negatively impact upon your rankings as long as you make your content as good and as detailed as you possibly can. Forget about keyword stuffing and let your words flow naturally. Avoid spelling errors and ensure that your grammar and punctuation are spot on. Focus on keeping your CTR high by writing interesting titles and descriptions for your pages.

Continue working on your off page seo in the same way as you have been previously advised. Don’t waste time putting questions and answers into your backlink anchor text either or going to the trouble of deliberately inserting questions and answers into your pages ( yes, I know we do it, but we always have. We didn’t start just because of google rankbrain! ).

In a nutshell, carry on as you were and don’t concern yourself with rankbrain. We’re more concerned about the real time penguin algorithm now so close at hand ( to be covered soon! ).

Chief strategist here at seo assassins.

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