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You can trust the seo company that says no

Finding a suitable company to manage your search engine optimisation campaign can be daunting. There are so many to choose from, both here in Ireland and in other areas of the world. And seeing as the company you eventually engage won’t need to be in the same country as you ( although it can help in some ways if it is ), the possibilities are practically endless.

We’ve already written about how difficult it can be to locate a trustworthy seo company recently, but one indicator that can show you which agency has scruples and which one hasn’t is how selective they are about who they work with.

What do we mean by this?

Simply this: search engine optimisation consultants that are driven by greed will accept any and every potential client that approaches them, regardless of whether they can actually help them or not.

Let’s be clear about one thing – seo is not for everyone. Professional consultants will analyse you website and market at the outset and will decide if organic seo can actually work for you.

Generally, there are two situations where search engine optimisation will not help you:

  1. you are in a market wherein the lifetime value of a customer and / or average transaction value is too low to cover the cost of professional optimisation, making a positive return on investment difficult or impossible. Good seo companies want to deliver rip roaring success for their clients – if they feel that they can’t, they’ll move on, even if it does cost them a little cash in the short term. If seo is not a sound investment for your business, they will likely recommend an alternative marketing strategy ( which in most cases they will not profit from ).
  2.  your website has been the subject of previous seo efforts that have damaged its prospects of ranking in the future. This would include sites that have fallen victim to negative seo campaigns in the past, as well as websites that have been aggressively optimised with heavy use of keyword rich anchor text.

While some reputable agencies specialise in penalty recovery, most will not want to work on a site that is under penalty and they will disclose this to you right away.

So, in your quest for an agency that can deliver results without cutting corners, do not forget to look for those who value honesty above profits. Ask them if they ever turn clients down and if so, why.

If they say no or that they can help everyone, rank any website etc, head for the hills and keeping looking for an honourable company that isn’t afraid to lose your business. The odds are they’ll also be highly competent at both on page and off page work ( do your due diligence! ) and very much in demand, so put forth every effort to work with them.

Chief strategist here at seo assassins.

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